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We can offer your company an easy solution to test your staff quickly and efficiently by our highly experienced medical staff. We offer COVID-19 testing in London, Liverpool, & other areas.


We have been supplying medical devices for infectious diseases successfully to hospitals, clinics, and doctors throughout the world since 2011. In February 2020 we were the first company in the UK to provide reliable COVID-19 testing with approval from the MHRA and now provide many medical institutions with coronavirus tests.  We continue working closely with health officials and other constituencies to make COVID-19 virus testing available for as many people as possible in the quickest time possible.

We are working to increase the capacity of COVID-19 testing to support national and international testing needs. We are now in a position to offer coronavirus testing performed by our highly trained medical professionals and offer companies a fast and easy solution to test their staff for coronavirus. Our antibody tests give results for IgM antibodies to diagnose if you currently have coronavirus. IgM is the first antibody to be detected in the blood when the body fights a new infection. The test will also detect IgG antibodies to diagnose if you have already had coronavirus in the past. IgG antibodies are the most common and are used by the body to prevent bacterial and viral infections. IgG takes longer to form than IgM and usually forms after infection or immunisation. We also use antigen swab tests to verify if an individual currently has the COVID-19 virus. This is performed with a swab to the back throat or nose.

What is not being made clear in the media is that if IgG antibodies are detected after your COVID-19 test, it does not mean that you cannot get infected with coronavirus more than once. There is no evidence suggesting that once a person has had the virus that they are immune indefinitely​. Coronavirus disease is a respiratory disease and is thought to also be a vascular infection that has now been detected in most countries throughout the world, including in the United Kingdom. The danger of the virus COVID-19 aka Sars-Cov-2; is that most people do not show symptoms making the virus easy to contract and pass to vulnerable people. 

We are making it easy for companies to take proactive steps to protect their employees and offer them regular testing. This not only protects the employees but their families, friends and also protects the business from potential shutdown if an outbreak was to occur.

How does it work?


We are now taking slots for companies with 50 or more employees to be tested once per week. It could not be easier, once you have spoken with one of our advisors we can book your company's weekly slot through our online booking service. 

  • We dispatch our medical professionals and/or ambulance support unit to your premises.

  • Each individual is designated a 5 minute slot to get tested

  • A test is performed on the individual in their designated slot

  • The individual is given the results 10 minutes after the test has been performed

  • A clear explanation of the results will be given to each individual by our team

  • A recognised document with the results and information will be given to the individual and employer.


As a proportion of the population with Coronavirus show no symptoms,  a quick coronavirus test is essential. This makes it feasible to test more people in a short space of time and identify people who have the virus to isolate it accordingly.​ ​​​

You can call or check the website to get an appointment before visiting a Coronavirus testing Heathrow Airport, London, Sheffield and other locations.

A mature Caucasian man in a clinical set

We have limited spaces available.


Secure your business today
COVID-19 testing
From £74 per test
  • Get staff back to work fast

  • Isolate cases immediately

  • Keep a safe working environment 

  • Keep employees safe

  • Jumpstart your business back to life

  • Be seen as a responsible employer

  • Results given in 10 minutes

  • Protect vulnerable people

UK COVID-19 Map.jpg

The video shows one of our sites in Surrey with the capability of performing over 1000 COVID-19 tests per day with our highly trained, friendly and professional staff. 

The test is performed in around 1 minute and detailed results are given within 10 minutes which are fully explained by our trained medical staff. They will then sign off your results with a recognised certificate.

As you can see the tests are non-invasive, quick and accurate

State of the art technology


Highly trained staff


Certificates for travel and work

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