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Helping your business combat COVID-19

COVID-19 Testing Service
  • Fast Accurate results in 10 minutes

  • Highly trained medical staff

  • Official documents for travel or work

  • State of the art technology

  • Capable of 500,000 tests per week

  • Vast experience in testing COVID-19

  • Sanitiser and masks for purchase

  • Very fast and easy set up process

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We are now taking slots for companies with 50 or more employees to be tested once per week. It could not be easier, once you have spoken with one of our advisors we can book your company's weekly slot though our online booking service. We dispatch our medical professionals and/or ambulance support unit to your premises, Each individual is designated a 5 minute slot to get tested, A test is performed on the individual in their designated slot, The individual is given the results 10 minutes after the test has been performed, A clear explanation of the results will be given to each individual by our team, A recognised document with the results and information will be given to the individual and employer.
CORONAVIRUS COVID-19 Testing London, Bradford and Heathrow Airport
We currently have a limited number of slots available for companies wishing to test their staff. We offer coronavirus testing Bristol, Bradford, Birmingham, Heathrow Airport and other areas. Our medical professionals will be dispatched to your site once per week to test your staff. We provide the full service from start to finish with the least amount of disruption so that you can focus on running your business. Our antibody IgM/IgG tests detect whether a person currently has coronavirus and also whether a person has had coronavirus.
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